Android Account Agreement

11 Sep , 2021   David  

11.2 Information relating to subcontractors. Information about subcontractors, including their location, is available under www.android.com/enterprise/data-protection/subprocessors (which may be updated from time to time by Google in accordance with these Terms). When you unsubscribe, your country version will be determined by where you use Google services. If you have an account, you can log in and view these terms to view the associated country. A separate EULA agreement is the only way to ensure that you effectively limit liability. In order to completely protect yourself and your app, you should consider including an EULA in your Android app, even if it`s not necessary. This will help fill in the gaps in the default agreement on Android Market terms. 9.2.2 Google`s sub-topic on-demand assistance. Customer agrees that Google (given the nature of the processing of Customer`s personal data) will assist Customer in fulfilling all obligations to respond to data subject requests, including, where applicable, customer`s obligation to respond to requests regarding the exercise of data subject rights set out in Chapter III of the GDPR by: Facebook`s Android app page on Google Play contains a link to the privacy policy, but there is no link to the EULA agreement: Vimeo`s EULA agreement contains a section relating to the “usage restrictions” of its app. In this agreement between you (the developer) and Google Play, you can create a separate EULA for your app as long as it does not conflict with the distribution agreement: none of these apps contain EULA, the Android Market Terms of Service are the binding agreement between the Android app and the users who use the app. The Viber app allows users to make free calls and use high-quality videos.

It contains many of the same restrictions for copying and self-engineering its application. These restrictions are set forth at the beginning of the Agreement: I. Terms of Use PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT (“Agreement”). BY ACCESSING OR USING GWS MOBILE DIAGNOSTIC APPLICATION AND/OR WEBSITE, YOU AGREE TO BE SUBJECT TO THE TERMS DESCRIBED IN THESE RULES AND ALL OTHER POLICIES AND AGREEMENTS THAT ARE INCLUDED BY REFERENCE. THEY ALSO CONFIRM THAT THEY HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND ACCEPTED ALL CONSENTS AND DISCLOSURES TO WHICH THEY ARE RELATED THAT MAY BE EXPOSED IN THE REGISTRATION PROCESS (AND ARE INCLUDED IN IT BY THIS REFERENCE). IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION OR WEBSITE. This Agreement applies only to your access to and use of GWS Mobile Diagnostic Application, also known as the GWS Speed Application (“GWS MDA”), software and services provided by GWS and accessed through your mobile device or the GWS website (collectively referred to as “GWS MDA-Service”) operated by Global Wireless Solutions. Inc. (“GWS”). This Agreement does not modify any other agreements you have with GWS, its subsidiaries or affiliates for products, services or otherwise. GWS reserves the right to modify or modify at any time and in its sole discretion the terms or policies of the GWS MDA service contained in the agreement. You agree that such modifications and modifications may only be made by updating this Agreement or other directives or guidelines, and that they indicate above the date of the last update of the document.

You expressly agree to such form of notice of changes and modifications and you waive any right to obtain individual notice of such modifications or modifications. Any modification or modification takes effect immediately after the publication of the revisions. Your continued use of the GWS MDA service after changes or modifications are posted represents your consent to such modifications or modifications….