Argyle Diamond Mine Participation Agreement

11 Sep , 2021   David  

According to the CEO of the Kimberley Land Council, interpreters and those who advise on legal and financial matters played an important role in the negotiations. “The financial advisors advised them on specific issues, including whether this agreement was reasonable or not, and they checked and advised what was happening in other areas.” 17 For traditional landowners around the town of Kununurra in remote northern Western Australia, diamonds were not their best friends. PERTH, Australia — A selection of Rio Tinto`s best rough diamonds from Canada`s and Australian mines will be tendered in October and November to diamond specialists around the world. The headliner of Rio Tinto`s upcoming “Specials” Tender, which shows rough diamonds over 10.8 carats, is lot number 1, Diavik Helios, a yellow 74.48 carat fancy diamond. The iconic Argyle mine, located 3,000 kilometres north of Perth, has been a production power station for almost four decades and has produced more than 90% of the world`s supply of pink diamonds. Ted Hall, chairman of the Gelganyem Trust, sums up the legacy of this deal for traditional owners: according to Gelganyem Ltd`s 2016 accounts, filed with the charity regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC), little is being done with revenue from the Arygle Diamond mine. Each year, less and less was being done because of the mine`s declining revenues. At Argyle, we recognize the deep spiritual and cultural importance of the country to traditional owners and respect the cultural heritage of traditional owners and local indigenous people. Traditional owners welcome mine operators on site with a Manthe ceremony that allows employees and visitors to cross traditional lands safely. This welcome is also a formal part of our introduction to the field of health and safety at Argyle.

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