Aufnahmevereinbarung Hosting Agreement

11 Sep , 2021   David  

The period of validity of the establishment permit – researcher depends on the hosting agreement (agreed duration plus three additional months). However, it shall apply for a maximum period of two years. NOTE: If you are a visiting researcher at the University of Würzburg, your research agreement can be signed by the host institute or chair. However, if you are employed at the University of Würzburg, your research contract must be signed by the staff of the Service Center. You will find all certified research institutes and research institutes that do not need certification on the list on the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. However, the list of institutions that do not require certification is not exhaustive. In general, a teaching hospital that is part of a university of public medicine and conducts research projects can enter into an admission contract because it is run by a public institution, even if it is not on the list. This requires, inter alia, the conclusion of an admission agreement between the research organisation and the researcher. Private universities and private research institutes must be certified in order to conclude an admission contract. Research institutes run by a public body are generally exceptions to this rule and do not need their own certification in order to conclude contracts for admission as a research organisation. International students and PhD students are invited to contact the International Office for advice on admission and study issues at our university.

The Consulate General does not offer appointments through agents, consultants or other service providers. Do not waste your money and time with such intermediaries. We strongly recommend booking your own appointment. USA Visit Visa Part 4 / Travel to Canada Part 3 / Allgemeines U.s.a (Student) Visa Page 4 General Requests German-Studenten-Visa Part 8 / German General Student Visa Applications Part 7 / United States General Student Visa Applications-Part 15 (2) (4) Examples: University of Graz, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, University of Vienna 3. If you do not receive a date confirmation by e-mail before the study start date, your registration can no longer be taken into account. In this case, please cancel your registration. Thank you very much! You will then immediately receive a special appointment to appear before the Austrian representative authority and apply for an employment visa (Visa C or Visa D). If the simplified procedure is also to apply to your family members, the declaration of commitment must include your family members.

In addition, due to your activity in the research institution, you must receive a minimum wage to prove that you can bear the costs of your stay in Austria. Another possibility is to prove that you have other financial resources (e.g.B. private funds) to cover the costs of staying in Austria. The Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) provides comprehensive information and personalised advice to researchers and students on the issue of residence permits free of charge. A simplified procedure is applied for your entry into the country, stay within national borders and immediate access to work. 1. Within 120 minutes, a confirmation email with your reference number. After these two years, you will receive a Red-White-Red Plus card (link) which will allow you to fully access the Austrian labour market. In this case, you are no longer bound by a particular employer and you are free to choose whether to work as an employee or self-employed person.

Are you a third-country national with a doctorate or a doctorate or a master`s degree allowing you to access a doctoral programme? Do you also have a long-term job offer (for a position of more than six months) for scientific work as a researcher for a recognised research organisation in Austria? In this case, the so-called settlement permit could be a suitable residence permit for you….