All Your Eggs in One Basket

15 Dec , 2014   Chris  


I haven’t been a Formula 1 fan for very long. I believe my first season of interest was when Jenson Button took Brawn GP to the championship in front of Vettel in 2009. In the short time that I’ve been a fan, however, I have done my best to be a proper one; learning about all the glory that was Senna and his rivalry with Prost, watching the “Killer Years” documentary just shy of a thousand times, and most importantly, picking favorites. In the world of sports, F1 is a very interesting animal in this regard compared to others. Like the rest, you can pick a favorite team, but each team only has 2 players. You have a real opportunity to be a fan of individual drivers and to understand their specific racing styles. Whether it’s Alonso’s adaptability, Perez’s all-or-nothing aggression, or Maldonado’s seemingly impossible feat of crashing more times in an hour and half than a pirated copy of Windows Vista, you really have the privilege of minimal selection. More…


2014 Fort Riley MiDiv Photos

21 Jul , 2014   David  

2014 Fort Riley MiDiv

Fort Riley just outside of Junction City, KS played host to the second event in the SCCA MidWest Divisional Solo series on July 19-20, 2014. Helicopters served as some unusual spectators to the event lining the far side of the course. Military personnel were encouraged to compete, spectate and ride along during the event. Just over 90 entrants competed in the 2 day event in a variety of classes including stock, prepared and modified.

Photos are posted in the 2014 Fort Riley MiDiv Photo Gallery

Event Results

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July 13, 2014 NRSCCA Autocross Photos

14 Jul , 2014   David  

July Nebraska Region Autocross

It was a hot sunny day on Sunday, July 13th out at Lincoln Air Park, but many braved the heat to take on the autocross course designed by Dave Fink. This was the 4th points event for the Nebraska Region SCCA. The next event will be August 10th at Lincoln Air Park. Photos from the event are posted in the photo gallery.

Nebraska Region Autocross Points #4 Photo Gallery

Event Results

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2011 SCCA ProSolo Finale

27 Aug , 2011   David  

For more information: 2011 Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Finale


NRSCCA Rallycross Points #1

20 Feb , 2011   David  

The first event of the 2011 Nebraska Region SCCA Rallycross season and your first chance of the year to play on the new National Championship site.

Eventmaster(s): TBA
Safety Steward(s): TBA

Opening of the RallyCross season for 2011.

Member Cost: $25.00 Non-Member Cost: $35.00

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The Road to Nationals Auto-X

29 Jul , 2010   Rockcas  

With Nationals approaching Labor Day week its time to start the prep work. This will be my first time, but by thinking ahead I should be ready both mentally and with the car.

First step to take is annalyzing the driver and the car.   Is the car setup right or still in need of adjustment.   Nationals is only a month and a half away so ordering parts and tires now is important.   Do the tires have enough tread or broken in properly.   There is still a Divisional and ProSolo on the National’s site if needed to break in a new set.  The Driver is just as important as the car.   Mentally preparing by taking the Dail In or Test-N-Tune course to learn how to setup the car and drive will greatly improve times and the feel of the car.

Next, need to make sure to sign up and take advantage of every contingency qualified for  If I place in a top position and find that I left a new set of tires or cash sitting on the table becuase I didn’t register would not be good.

Last, making sure I have all the right tools and gear for the event.  Bringing plenty of water, sun block and rain gear will ensure that the event goes well  and help maintain focus for when driving on course.  The most important thing to take away from the event is to have a good time, make some new friends and improve driving skills.


Gymkhana Grid Competition and Other Ken Block Gymkhana News

14 Jun , 2010   David  

It’s official, well sort of, Gymkhana is now a motorsport. Ken Block will be holding the “Gymkhana Grid and the Ken Block Invitational” December 3 & 4 at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale. The event will be the first-ever stadium style Gymkhana competition and will give competitors, both pro and grassroots, the opportunity to put their drift and grip skills on display for fans. The event will pit racers against Ken Block on an all new Gymkhana style course. See the full information and sign up here.


May Autocross at Lincoln Air Park

18 May , 2010   David  

Sunday was the 2nd event of the year for the Project: BMW 135i STU car. It was the 2nd points event for the Nebraska SCCA region held on the Nationals site at Lincoln Air Park. It was a very moist day, with mist for most of the day causing very wet track conditions. Running in a class dominated by AWD vehicles, rain is not an ally for the BMW 135i.

BMW 135i running in STU at NRSCCA May Autocross

The Project: BMW 135i STU car at the NRSCCA May Autocross at Lincoln Air Park


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Project: BMW 135i STU Update

11 May , 2010   David  

Thought i would give a quick update on the BMW 135i STU build project car. You can read the original write up here: Project: BMW 135i STU. I made a few changes this past weekend to the car putting on new brake pads and a new exhaust.

BMW 135i with Berk Technology Exhaust

Berk Technology Catback Exhaust installed