Collective Labour Agreement Indonesia

14 Sep , 2021   David  

Is a labour market test necessary as a prelude to a short-term or long-term visa? An employer/employee relationship is a relationship between a hierarchical superior and a subordinate subject to the labour law. The relationship between a company and an independent contractor is a relationship between the contracting parties governed by contract law and other applicable legal provisions. In the case of an employment relationship, the worker is entitled to a wage or wage if no invoice is required for the payment of wages. In the case of an independent contractor, the payment terminology is “royalty”, with the agreement of an independent contractor generally requiring a contractor to provide an invoice for the payment of royalties. Are there any special rules for collective redundancies or collective redundancies? An employer`s monitoring of emails, phone calls, use of the employer`s computer system, and social media activities inside and outside the workplace is usually governed by company by-law or the employer`s collective agreement. Before terminating an employment relationship, the parties (workers, employers and, where applicable, trade unions) must meet to obtain an amicable dismissal scheme. This meeting is described as a bilateral negotiation. These negotiations should be concluded within 30 days and the minutes of each negotiation must be drawn up and signed by all parties. i. the signatures of the parties to the employment agreement.

Only an employment contract of indefinite duration may provide for a probation period.