Learning Agreement Unterschreiben

10 Apr , 2021   David  

Deadlines: When downloading your documents in Mobility Online, the Learning Agreement must have been signed by you and your SPL. Before you go abroad, you must also have the Learning Agreement before the Mobility signed by the host university and then download it again on Mobility Online. Signatures: The Learning Agreement (Before the Mobility but also During the Mobility) should only be completed when the contents have been voted between the three parties (students, host university, technical examination commission / specialist coordinator at the University of Ulm). To this end, the completed PDF form can be sent between the parties so that each party can eventually make changes. Then it must be signed by all three parties. The original signatures on the documents are not necessary and therefore no lettering. Digital signatures are allowed, as are digital copies. There are two ways to sign apprenticeship agreements: you and your home school must sign the Learning Agreement (Erasmus students). The LMU contact person and the person in charge of the EMS are registered by the LMU. At the time of application, all you need is for you and your country of origin to sign the apprenticeship agreement. We will then pass it on to the person in charge of the EMA and send it back to you. Digital signatures for which you inseminated your name in a text box that appears using a handwritten font are not allowed! The order in which signatures are to be affixed is not defined. Usually, students should sign first.

Have the form signed by your host university (“receiving institution”) as well as by your SPL. Then download the Learning Agreement during the Mobility im Mobility Online, signed from all sides. An online learning agreement is available for Erasmus students. Fill this out online, print it out and sign it. Subsequently, the agreement is automatically sent to the person in charge at Bayreuth University and then to the person in charge of the host university. For more information about your time abroad, visit the International Office`s Going Abroad. Although the commitment to nature and scope has already been made in the Learning Agreement, it is necessary, for administrative reasons, to submit a formal application: the objective of the apprenticeship agreement is to ensure a transparent and effective preparation of studies abroad and to ensure that components (Components) successfully completed abroad are recognized to students of the university of origin for their studies. Learning Agreement: During mobility: any changes to the draft study must be requested and approved in a timely manner and documented by a learning agreement: During the Mobility. On the other hand, students are not the only ones who can change the apprenticeship agreement; The host university or the home university may also request a change. Contact: This is a person who acts as an interlocutor for administrative and organizational matters. This should normally be a person within the International Office / Erasmus. Please always keep in mind to submit a copy/digital copy of the learning agreement to the International Office of ulm University after the signing of the three parties.

It doesn`t matter if it`s a version before the Mobility or During the Mobility.