Material Transfer Agreement Ucl

26 Sep , 2021   David  

All MTAs are arranged by UCL Business (UCLB). For more information about organizing an MTA, see www.uclb.com/what-we-do/are-you-a-ucl-researcher/material-transfer-agreements or email to mtateam@uclb.com. Materials may include cultures, cell lines, plasmids, nucleotides, proteins, bacteria, transgenic animals, pharmaceuticals, other chemicals, alloys and other materials of scientific or commercial value. If you receive an MTA for materials to be sent to UCL, we will check as soon as possible and contact you in case of any problems. Among the most frequent problems are those relating to compensation, existing legislation and emerging intellectual property rights, which may conflict with the conditions for granting density or other obligations. Material Transfer Agreements (EPAs) govern the transfer of materials from the owner or its authorized licensee (generally referred to as a “supplier”) to a third party (generally referred to as a “recipient”) who may wish to use the material for research purposes. We publish guidelines on outbound material transfers and inbound material transfers. Therefore, if you wish to either send materials to a non-UCL researcher or obtain them from them, please download the corresponding document from the links to the right of this page. An MTA is a legal contract setting out the conditions for the transfer of human tissue samples from the owner to a third party. It must ensure that the receiving organisation complies with the UCL Directive on storage, data protection, health and safety, distribution, return and disposal, security, trade, audit and compliance with the Human Tissue Act.

Please note that while the MTA team is working remotely until further notice, we are here to assist with the processing and execution of MTA agreements and related requests. Note, however, that due to the coronavirus pandemic, there may be delays (or possibly a suspension) in the supplier`s receipt of your materials. Whenever possible, you may want to confirm with your supplier the logistics around receiving materials before ordering our office to continue with the MTA. If you need help with an MTA for incoming materials, please complete the MTA application form above or, if you would like to provide documents to a third party, please complete the due diligence form and forward them to mtateam@uclb.com. An MTA-out, which is addressed to the university to transfer materials to a commercial enterprise, is normally used to support the company`s business activities. These transfers are expected to be royalty-driven and are managed by the Industrial Partnership and Commercialization team in Enterprise. An MTA-out includes the transfer of material owned or controlled by the college to another university, company or other external organization for research purposes. These are processed by the faculty`s research teams. We will always strive to complete our MTA process page as soon as possible.. . . .