Settlement Of Rebate Agreement

7 Oct , 2021   David  

Typically, this “customer” should be created as an account group corresponding to the default customer type “Sold-to”. The discount agreement takes into account all partial payments. The amount of payments can be unlimited when adjusting to the cumulative provisions of the set of conditions, to the amount that would be paid if the final settlement were currently made. 6. Create a discount agreement in the VBO1 transaction based on your request (whether material-based or customer-based). Subject[sap-r3-log-sd] Re: How to settle a discount agreement after payment has been collected  limited to the amount that would be paid if the final statement was in progress; 4. You must create service material as billing material to pay the discount. (MM01). The scenario is the payment of a commission to the sales agent in the form of a discount, after receiving payment from the customer (1) Standard SAP does not support the discount/relevance only after payment of the invoice. Standard SAP functionality is a discount/relevance as soon as an invoice is invoiced.

Payments can be made in a maunale manner or in full liquidation. When you make manual payments, you set the amount that can be paid during a partial statement. You only use the partial statement if the reduction agreement is set for an entire year, but the paoyouts must be made over a monthly, quarterly or other period. 2.The method of payment shall be identified as relevant for the discounts. Now the configuration is complete, we can restore the necessary data for the discount agreement. Is it possible to have a sales representative as a discount substitute? I am not sure. Ask to shed some light on the subject. A discount contract is definitively settled if you grant the customer a credit on the amount of the accumulated discount. The big difference between the discount and the sequence of price access is that no exclusion mark is available for discount-related OER….