Fh Landshut Learning Agreement

20 Sep , 2021   David  

Thomas Kolbinger Telephone: 0871 – 506 191 email address: thomas.kolbinger@haw-landshut.de Peter Patzelt M.A. Telephone: 0871-506234 email address: patzelt@fh-landshut.de Please note that students can benefit from ERASMUS+ funding of up to 12 months per study period (bachelor`s/master`s degree) for studies/internships. Please note that in case of change in the choice of courses at the partner university, the learning agreement must be adapted again. To do this, use the second section “During the Mobility” and discuss the changes again with your foreign representative to ensure recognition. Please then forward the changes to the International Office. Landshut University has concluded cooperation agreements with several foreign higher education institutions. These provide for only a limited number of students per semester. Please contact the International Office at an early stage. Initially, their application file is the only source of information for the decision. Therefore, candidates should, in their own interest, carefully prepare the application file. Registration for our Mobility Online mobility system.

You will then receive a registration link and you can then upload your application via Mobility Online: as a free mover, you have the opportunity to study at any university of your choice, as long as the faculty and the corresponding dean approve your project and the services you provide to the foreign university are recognised by Landshut University. Please note that you must also apply as a free mover via Mobility Online UND directly at the partner university. . (Please note that documents relating to the University of South Wales must be submitted as early as 28.03.) After your application, you will automatically receive the ERASMUS+ allocation agreement, the ERASMUS+ learning agreement, as well as a confirmation form for health insurance abroad and a link to the language test (OLS). Other specific steps for ERASMUS+ partners before and after your stay Please complete the so-called learning agreement before your stay abroad….