Guarantor In Tenancy Agreement

22 Sep , 2021   David  

My problem is that it was mandatory. No guarantor, no apartment. Yes, we could have left, but what will happen if more and more agencies impose it on you? I also don`t understand why my guarantor was contacted with such a threatening letter. As if I had been contacted and told I had to pay, I would like to establish a payment plan. As I said before, they had sent letters to the wrong address and even though they had my email address, they didn`t try to contact me. I signed a year ago to be the guarantor for my daughter and her partner, and I just found out that my daughter left the rental and her partner signed a New Year`s rental agreement at the end of the year and a new agreement had to be signed. I haven`t seen the new agreement or signed new papers, so that means I`m no longer the guarantor, since I haven`t seen or signed the new papers, so I have no idea what I would agree with. Could you advise me what I should do? Should I write to the agent who entered into the new agreement to obtain it in writing? STUDENT RENTALS, GUARANTEES AND RENTALS But while guarantors are often associated with the student market, they can also be used for any tenant who a landlord believes has difficulty paying the rent (low income or function) or does not take care of a property in a “tenant-type” way. All the legal obligations of the tenant are taken care of by the tenant and the guarantor concludes a contract to ensure that he is obliged to respect, that is, if he does not fulfill at any time the liability of the tenant, he can be sued for non-compliance.

Finding a suitable guarantor is probably as important as finding a suitable tenant. It is important to note that a guarantor should never compensate an infit tenant; Tenants and guarantors should punctuate the i`s and cross the t`s (for example. B should have adequate income and references). I suppose you could try to argue that the landlord`s failure to respect your right of silent enjoyment has effectively invalidated your lease. It`s not a defense I`ve encountered, and I doubt it will stand up, especially if it were just an incident, but it might be worth throwing it into. The owner contacted me and asked for the arrears. My question is: do I have to pay when I only signed the initial 12-month contract? In the warranty, also make it clear that the owner first files a written request to the guarantor at the address indicated by the guarantor in the surety document (or another address that he will indicate later). There is no general rule on the duration of a surety contract. . .