Total War Warhammer 2 Breaking Trade Agreement

11 Oct , 2021   David  

On the left (your page), the user interface shows you how much money you make from trading and what resources you export to your trading partner. The right side shows how much money they make and what resources you import from them. Although diplomacy is often limited to other factions of the same race, take a moment to learn more. Diplomacy allows you to make trade deals, non-aggression pacts, and even military and defense alliances (if your relations are good enough). In the case of fractions of the same race, you can also try to integrate them under your rule. Trade agreements do not protect you from declarations of war, but they encourage enemies not to attack you otherwise. It allows you to have access to the resources of the other and to derive income from what you export and is still worth, in my opinion, with as many political groups as possible. Reliability, also known as reliability, is an assessment given to political groups to indicate how likely they are to breach agreements. If you click on any fraction of the right tab, you will see a list of contracts and agreements that bind the group, as well as some information about the commercial goods they have (which ones import and which ones export).

Here you will find some personal information about group leaders. At the bottom of the screen are the treaties signed by different political groups. If you roll with the mouse over the symbol of each group, you will see a list of factors that affect your relationships.