Could This Be The Coolest Thing on The Internet? A 1980’s Autocross TV Special

12 Jun , 2014   David   Video recently uncovered a 1980’s Autocross TV Special on YouTube. The special is over an hour of a local autocross event held in Evansville, IN entitled “Thunder on the Streets II”. The video includes RX-7s, Celicas, AE86s, Fox Mustangs, C4 Corvettes, and many other cars making their way through a sea of cones.

Since this video comes straight from the VHS tape it was recorded on it also includes all the 80stastic commercials, including one for a VCR for the low price of $299 (#aintnomoneylike80smoney).

We need something like this to happen again. Just think of the new eyes that would learn about grassroots racing and the options available to them. SCCA please make this happen! For now, please enjoy this video.