Car Set Up

Installation Frustration

17 Mar , 2010   David  

It seems like every time I attempt to install or upgrade something on a car it is way more difficult then it should be. ‘Simple tasks’ that should take less then an hour end up taking 4 or 5 hours including at least one trip to the auto parts/hardware store and a few choice words yelled at whatever I am working on. Sometimes I think I must be the least mechanically inclined person in the world. Yet I still try to do things myself, maybe it’s stubbornness or maybe it’s stupidity! I think a lot of people have probably experienced this, at least I hope I am not alone on this journey to install my new parts like new hydraulic hoses and new batteries. Speaking of auto parts, if you want to buy the best for your car then make sure you do your research first and if a part does take a chunk out out of your wallet then you may want to get a mechanic to install it so you ensure that it gets placed perfectly and not end up with something that you will have to repair later on. Also, don’t buy something just because it’s cheap. It may be tempting to buy a tuning kit half off, but if you’re looking for quality then you should take a look at Whipple Superchargers.

March seems like it has turned into the month to do installation and maintenance on our cars. The summer suspension is back on the STi and a new exhaust is on the 135i, both tasks led to some frustration and headaches. It looks like I will get a chance to get my new suspension on the 135i this weekend, hopefully it will go smoothly! Hopefully everyone else’s projects are going well, autocross season is almost here.