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Never ending winter???

5 Feb , 2010   mjorgensen  

I know I know I live in Nebraska and winter is supposed to last a while, but this is getting ridiculous (Christy!). For all your non daily driver cars, this is a great time to spend on the car checking fluids or “nut and bolting” your cars’ suspension. All too often, these things are left unchecked until there is a problem to work on.

If you regularly check things and keep threads clean via specialized services such as VW Auto services, preventative maintenance and repairs such as auto glass repair down the line will be much easier. This is especially true for daily driver weekend racers. I have worked on MANY members’ cars with frozen suspension parts and know how much time and added expense can be caused by rusted rotted hardware.

With all the wet stuff on the roads and salt in some of your areas it is worth your time to jack up the car and spray a little penetrating oil on the nuts and bolts that are so exposed to the harsh elements. Does not take any real time and you can look for problems while your in there. We all take our types of racing pretty seriously even though the reward is purely excitement. Keeping your car in the best maintained state will make it last longer and your performance stay top notch!