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Project: BMW 135i STU Update

11 May , 2010   David  

Thought i would give a quick update on the BMW 135i STU build project car. You can read the original write up here: Project: BMW 135i STU. I made a few changes this past weekend to the car putting on new brake pads and a new exhaust.

BMW 135i with Berk Technology Exhaust

Berk Technology Catback Exhaust installed

The new exhaust is a Berk Technology Full Exhaust System (Resonated Midpipes w/ Street Peformance Muffler). The exhaust from Berk saves a great deal of weight over the BMW OEM midpipes and muffler. The exhaust also has a deeper exhaust note which is not too loud for street driving, but a big improvement over OEM for events with very little drone. The Berk exhaust fits perfectly with the BMW stock downpipes and was very easy to install.

The stock brake pads were replaced with Cool Carbon pads which should give the car even more braking power. I’ve also noticed a much linear feel to the brakes, instead of an on/off like I had with the OEM pads. There is less initial bite which seems to make the braking more predictable. The Cool Carbon pads should also help reduce the amount of brake dust, which is a definite win! If you’ve got a BMW, make sure you get specialized services such as those offered by BMW Raleigh NC for optimum performance.

The 135i will be competing at the NRSCCA Solo Event this Sunday (May 16th) at Lincoln Air Park. GotCone blogger Jon Simmons will be the event chair and course designer, so look for a National level course and a lot of fun!