Salina MiDiv: Project BMW 135i STU

22 Jun , 2010   David  

The GotCone.com, tarsust.com and Berk Technology sponsored Project BMW 135i STU went to it’s first away event last weekend travelling to a very hot Salina, KS for a MidWest Divisional (MiDiv) event. The courses were very fast, especially Sunday’s course, and lots of fun, which helped take the edge off of the mid-90 degree temperatures.

2008 BMW 135i tackles the course on Sat. at the 2010 SCCA Salina MiDiv

'08 BMW 135i, car #135 STU, tackles the course on Sat. at the 2010 SCCA Salina MiDiv

STU was the largest class of the event and featured some very stiff competition. The Project BMW 135i STU car took 5th and 6th for the event, with both drivers improving on each run both days and gaining a bunch of confidence in the capabilities of the car. The car shows a lot of promise and seems like it can definitely be competitive in STU.

Sunday’s best run in the 2008 BMW 135i, car #135 STU at the 2010 SCCA TireRack Salina MiDiv event.

The GotCone.com, tarsust.com ’06 Subaru STi driven by Christy Carlson took 1st place in STUL, with a very fast time on Sunday morning, but suffered a broken motor mount on Sunday and could not finish competition in STU. Pat Lipsinic had coned on all of his runs on Sat. anyways and was well off pace, besides having the fastest raw time on Sat. Sean Grubb hopped into another STU car and was able to maintain his hold on 1st place, beating out David Green and Brian Meyer.

Christy Carlson sets a very impressive time on Sunday morning in her 2006 Subaru STi running in STUL at the 2010 SCCA TireRack Salina MiDiv.