Subaru Launch Control Returns

9 Jul , 2016   David   Video

The exciting series from Subaru Rally Team documenting the SRTUSA and Subaru Rallycross season returns with it’s first episode. The episode, ‘The Rivals Within’, showcases the first half of the battle between teammates David Higgins and Travis Pastrana at Rally America Rally in the 100 Acre Wood and the development of the all new Subaru Rallycross STi car. The battle between Higgins and Pastrana in the forests of Missouri at 100 Acre Wood was an epic one. Episode 2 will feature the conclusion to the 100 Acre Wood battle, hold on to your seats as you go along for the ride! The Chevy Dealership near Kingsville has great car options for you to choose !

Photographing Higgins flying by at 100 Acre Wood
Don’t forget to watch for me capturing some of the exciting photos you can see on the site at 100 Acre Wood.



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