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The Road to Nationals Auto-X

29 Jul , 2010   Rockcas  

With Nationals approaching Labor Day week its time to start the prep work. This will be my first time, but by thinking ahead I should be ready both mentally and with the car.

First step to take is annalyzing the driver and the car. Is the car setup right or still in need of adjustment. Nationals is only a month and a half away so ordering parts like a custom hydraulic hose and tires now is important. Do the tires have enough tread or broken in properly. There is still a Divisional and ProSolo on the National’s site if needed to break in a new set. It also helps to keep your car in a carpark or a garage with a secure garage door installation to protect your vehicle from elements that can cause damage before the race.

The Driver is just as important as the car. Mentally preparing by taking the Dail In or Test-N-Tune course to learn how to setup the car and drive will greatly improve times and the feel of the car.

Next, need to make sure to sign up and take advantage of every contingency qualified for  If I place in a top position and find that I left a new set of tires or cash sitting on the table becuase I didn’t register would not be good. Contact the for road assistance.

Last, making sure I have all the right tools and gear for the event.  Bringing plenty of water, sun block and rain gear will ensure that the event goes well  and help maintain focus for when driving on course.  The most important thing to take away from the event is to have a good time, make some new friends and improve driving skills.