In The Night

13 Jan , 2015   David  

e30 BMW Oregon Trail Rally

Out of the water and darkness of night
Emerges a roaring chariot made of metal and light

1991 BMW 318i
Steve Egger / Alexandria Pearl
2014 Rally America Oregon Trail Rally

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All Your Eggs in One Basket

15 Dec , 2014   Chris  


I haven’t been a Formula 1 fan for very long. I believe my first season of interest was when Jenson Button took Brawn GP to the championship in front of Vettel in 2009. In the short time that I’ve been a fan, however, I have done my best to be a proper one; learning about all the glory that was Senna and his rivalry with Prost, watching the “Killer Years” documentary just shy of a thousand times, and most importantly, picking favorites. In the world of sports, F1 is a very interesting animal in this regard compared to others. Like the rest, you can pick a favorite team, but each team only has 2 players. You have a real opportunity to be a fan of individual drivers and to understand their specific racing styles. Whether it’s Alonso’s adaptability, Perez’s all-or-nothing aggression, or Maldonado’s seemingly impossible feat of crashing more times in an hour and half than a pirated copy of Windows Vista, you really have the privilege of minimal selection. More…


2015 SCCA Autocross PAX Index

24 Nov , 2014   David  


The 2015 version of the autocross index you love to hate is now out. The PAX/RTP index is used to compare SCCA event results across classes. This year all street tire and stock classes now require a minimum tread wear rating of 200 on all tires. Also gone are the race tire ‘stock’ classes. More…

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#tbt Ken Block 2012 Rally In The 100 Acre Wood

20 Nov , 2014   David  

Ken Block took the victory at the 2012 Rally In The !00 Acre Wood

Throwback Thursday to 2012 Rally America Rally in the 100 Acre Wood held in the forests of Missouri. Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino took another victory in their Monster World Rally Team Hoonigan Racing Ford Fiesta. They have dominated this event for the past 8 years.


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Still fly

13 Nov , 2014   David  

David Higgins 3 tire jump at Oregon Trail Rally

Lost a tire earlier in the stage
But that’s ok, cause I’m still fly

David Higgins + Craig Drew
#75 Subaru Rally Team USA #srtusa
2014 Rally America Champions
2014 Rally America Oregon Trail Rally

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The Essence of Rally

11 Nov , 2014   David  

David Higgins #75 Subaru Rally Team

The path to glory is long and dark
Victory lingers in the air
As you race towards destiny.

David Higgins & Craig Drew
#75 Subaru Rally Team USA [SRTUSA]
Rally America Oregon Trail Rally
2014 Rally America Champions

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2014 SCCA RallyCross National Championships

15 Oct , 2014   David  


2014 marked the return of the RallyCross National Championships to Nebraska. The inaugural National Championships were held in Hastings, NE just a few short years ago. Since then the number of competitors has almost doubled to over 100 and continues to grow every year. The 2014 edition was held at I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, NE on Oct. 4 & 5.

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2014 SCCA TireRack Solo National Championships

12 Sep , 2014   David  

BMW M3 using the grip at 2014 Solo Naitonal Championships to 2 wheel it to the finish

Yup, it was already that time of year. College Football season has just kicked off, the final heat of the summer is leaving it’s burn on our skin, the first chill of fall teases us, the sun starts to set earlier and earlier and about 1200 people make the trek to the middle of the country. A journey to, what some have coined ‘The Autocross Mecca’, a large flat concrete paradise at an airport in Lincoln, NE. A journey to see just how they stack up against the best and greatest drivers in the country. A journey to the largest motorsports event in the world, the SCCA TireRack Solo National Championships in search of that coveted jacket with the words ‘National Champion’ embroidered on the back. More…

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5 Types of Everyday Wear and Tear (That Make You Look Like a Hobo)

29 Aug , 2014   Chris  


As with any lump of moving parts hurtling through the air, like an airplane or a robot fired from a catapult, cars will have issues.  Usually these issues aren’t a big deal: the occasional paint chip or dulled clear coat, dirty hood, scratched bumper, even the blood of your enemies can be washed away with moderate ease.  Most of the time they go largely unnoticed.  There are a few problems though that, despite their universality, inexplicably give off an unwarranted expression of your entire lifestyle. Namely that you don’t have one. You live under a bridge in a fridge-box house where all the different rooms are stuck together with boogers.  It is not specifically known by science* what separates these issues from others, but the bottom line is that these 5 problems are definitely the least that make you look the worst.  Such as… More…


2014 MiDiv Championships at Lincoln AirPark

21 Aug , 2014   David  

Porsche GT3 at Lincoln MiDiv Championships

Just over 100 competitors showed up at the now famous autocross concrete mecca in Lincoln, NE. With flat empty concrete as far as the eye can see Lincoln Air Park plays home to the largest racing event in the world, SCCA Solo National Championships. With the next national championships just 2 short weeks away, the MiDiv Championships served as an excellent tune up for competitors. More…

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