Transformers 4: More proof the U.S. knows nothing about rally

30 Jun , 2014   David  

This weekend marked the debut of the latest Transformers movie, Transformers 4: The Age of Extinction. In between doing some car work and running errands I somehow found 3 hours to dedicate to viewing this action packed, overly complicated movie.

About 15 minutes into the movie, during a raid on a farm house (not trying to give away any spoilers), there’s a shot of a hatchback with numbers on the side in the field nearby. My first assumption was that it was another Transformer, but I was mistaken. The car looked like a rally car, which got my excitement up, especially since the Government was using Rally Fighters in their raid party. My excitement quickly diminished as it became clear what the car was, a Chevy Sonic.

Really Hollywood? A Chevy Sonic rally car? Where did you get the idea for this? Not only are these not used in any sort of rally competition, they aren’t used in Rallycross competition either. Who were you trying to appeal to with this horrendous selection? Anyone who knows about rally knows it’s a sham and everyone else in the U.S. doesn’t give a hoot about rally.

As if you needed more proof that they had no idea what they were doing, this ‘rally’ car had race seats in the back and the roll cage only went around the outside with no cross bracing, making it pretty much useless. This was supposed to be a competition ready car, with four seats and a roll cage that wouldn’t past tech for anything outside of SCCA rallycross competition, yup you guessed it, roll cages aren’t required for SCCA Rallycross.

The pursuit of the heroes escaping in the Chevy Sonic rally car delivered the final proof of Hollywood’s rally ignorance. As the Rally Fighters pursued them, it was clear that none of the passengers in the Chevy rally car knew what these cars were. “What kind of cars are those? They’re so scary!”



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