2018 SCCA Solo Nationals


2018 SCCA TireRack Solo National Championship Photos

14 Sep , 2018   David  

2018 SCCA Solo National Championship week was an interesting one. Tuesday was WET and with nearly 1400 competitors the action went late into the evening and even into the next day. The rain made for some fun photos, I guess that makes up for how miserable it was to stand out there all day. And luckily, all of my equipment survived the day! I took a lot of photos, A LOT. Over 17,000 from all 4 days, almost every heat on both courses and every class have been posted in the 2018 SCCA Solo Nationals photo gallery.

Please feel to email me at photo@gotcone.com with any questions regarding orders or if PayPal doesn’t give you the option to enter your car/class information. I will also do my best to find your information from the results. Please allow for up to 24 hours for me to get you your order, as I process each photo to ensure quality. All the photos on the site are straight from the camera with no editing done, as it would take me a LONG time to post-process 17,000 photos, obviously.

The 2018 SCCA ProSolo Finale Photo Gallery is now live as well.

Click here for the 2018 SCCA TireRack Solo National Championships photo gallery



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