Ken Block HFHV Ford Fiesta for sale


Buy a piece of Hoonigan History, Ken Block’s HFHV is for sale

18 Feb , 2016   David  

A couple year’s ago, Ken Block set out to build a car that he could use for rally, rallycross and Gymkhana and boy did he ever. He drove the Ford Fiesta HFHV to victory’s in the Global Rallycross series, Rally America and more. Oh yah, he also made one of those Gymkhana YouTube series videos (it only has 33 million views) that he does from time to time. Now it’s for sale and you can hoon just like Ken Block for the low, low price of $362,000 USD. That might seem kind of steep but it’s really not that bad considering that it comes complete with the full rally, rallycross and Gymkhana set ups from the Hoonigan Racing Division.

I almost hope that someone buys this car and puts it in a museum. That’s really where it belongs, because, let’s be honest it’s a piece of motorsports history.

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