General Tips

Getting Through the Winter Months

19 Jan , 2010   wrxgrl  

For autocrossers living north of 40 degrees, winter can be an excruciating time. The season has ended, a new one doesn’t start until mother nature decides.   We’re stuck with our cars in the garage and our tires in the basement. (You know, because our garages are never insulated as well as we wish they were.)  So how is it possible to stay in top-autox shape with snow on the ground? Here are a few ideas that are helping us through the dark months.

1. Invest in a good game console, wheel, pedals, and that HD LCD TV you’ve been dreaming about for a while now. I highly recommend the XBOX 360 with Forza 3.  This year, we purchased a gaming seat from to suppliment this experience. It was well worth the investment.  Practice daily to keep your eye-hand coordination in tip-top shape.

2. Make a ‘wish list’ of items to get for the car. If you are doing a new build for a new class, this is essential. Start getting parts now for fast fitting, in case you need to make adjustments. Its better to make those adjustments early in the season instead of the week of nationals. Figure out your budget and race schedule.

3. Focus on the fitness of the driver. Are you in the best shape you can be? Could you lose a few pounds? Focus on stamina and dropping weight safely. Remember, weight off of you is also weight off the car.

While we may not be able to drive every weekend, we can still prepare for the upcoming season, even with snow on the ground!