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How To: Zombie Proof Your Car

29 Dec , 2010   David  

I know this isn’t the type of modding that is usually discussed on this site, but thought it was pretty funny. The guys at Mighty Car Mods put together a complete guide to making your car, truck, SUV safe in the case of a zombie apocalypse. They even go as far as to consult a zombie expert and discuss the proper weapons you should use.

This seems like a great challenge for the Top Gear team to tackle. Buy a car/loan a Vehicle and zombie proof it on a budget and then put each car through a set of tests to see just how zombie-proof their choice of vehicle and modifications are. If you want to join the experiment and buying a car for this seems a bit too much then consider using any car you may have at your disposal and fix it up with the help of experts like audi repair services and continue from there with your zombie proofing.

In the meantime watch the Mighty Car Mods ‘instructional’ video on zombie proofing below. C’mon BBC this would make for a hilarious episode!