May Autocross at Lincoln Air Park

18 May , 2010   David  

Sunday was the 2nd event of the year for the Project: BMW 135i STU car. It was the 2nd points event for the Nebraska SCCA region held on the Nationals site at Lincoln Air Park. It was a very moist day, with mist for most of the day causing very wet track conditions. Running in a class dominated by AWD vehicles, rain is not an ally for the BMW 135i.

BMW 135i running in STU at NRSCCA May Autocross

The Project: BMW 135i STU car at the NRSCCA May Autocross at Lincoln Air Park

The rain caused for a very frustrating day, with cones on 3 of 4 runs and a spin on the other run, leaving no clean times for the day. However, it was a good learning experience for the car on the new setup in the rain on a great course, which hopefully will lead to improvements next time it rains at an event.

Project: BMW 135i STU 2nd run in the wet. Not the best run of the day.