Texas National Tour 2010 – Driving for Competition

1 Apr , 2010   wrxgrl  

The Texas National Tour event for 2010 was the first real ‘travel’ event. I’ve never traveled farther than 5 hours for a solo event, being fortunate enough to have the 2009 and 2010 nationals in our own backyard (Lincoln is only an hour away). However, there isn’t enough seat-time doing just local events.

I planned on attending, alone if I had to, just to have a chance at a national-level course first thing in the year. Luckily I had a partner willing to travel with me, even if it was only to take photos. So there we were, packing up the STI. 4 wheels in the backseat, tools and jack in the trunk, along with all of our clothes for 4 days, and a Diff for delivery (see the 2010 grassroots motorsports build from Vorshlag).  New shocks required adjusting on the road for optimum feel, although it was still bone-crushing. I now understand why people trailer their cars.

It felt weird being the only ones from our Region, but we were still among family. Doing solo even for a few years I’ve gotten to know friends that are just as competitive and passionate about the sport as I am, and always show up. 

I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.  It was a fun trip.  And having a gold medal doesn’t hurt either. 🙂



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