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Ways To Save Money

4 Feb , 2010   David  

Since none of us, or at least most of us, don’t have unlimited funds for ‘upgrading’ our cars, saving money is always a plus.  While shopping for upgrades for my car this offseason I have found a few opportunities out there for saving money.  A great place to start your shopping is to find some of the more popular forums/websites that are primarily about your car.  Undoubtedly there are other enthusiasts on the internet who also share your passion for whatever vehicle it is that you have.  These sites are great ways to find out about an array of new, existing and future products for your car.  As well as a place to read about others experiences with these products and get advice on what might be best for you in particular.  There may even be instructions and walk-throughs on how to install the products yourself, which can definitely save you some big money on installation costs if you are willing to dig in and maybe get a bit dirty.

Another great resource that can be found on these sites is the For Sale section.  There are always people trying to unload parts that they either don’t want, need or can’t afford any longer.  Most of these products will be discounted sometimes heavily, even for new or like new items.  This can result in great opportunities for savings for you if you can find the right deal.  Usually this will take some patience and maybe even a little luck if you are looking for something specifically.  The other drawback to this is you have to usually deal with someone you don’t know and who may live clear across the country.  Make sure you are comfortable with the terms of the sale before you send anyone any money.  PayPal is a good payment choice as it offers some kind of protection for you as a buyer if you happen to have any issues.

Since you have managed to find a community with lots of people who have a shared interest, this can be used as an advantage to save money by ordering in quantity.  This is usually referred to as a ‘group buy’ and you would be surprised as to how many vendors are willing to give a substantial discount for getting as few as 5 orders at once.  Group buys are regularly set up by manufacturers and vendors for new or existing products that they want to create extra buzz for, but group buys can also be set up by community members by contacting a manufacturer or vendor and checking what kind of deals that can be given for a certain level of committed buyers.

The internet is a great resource, not only for information, but for saving money as well!  If anyone has any added advice on ways to save dollars please share it in the comments below.